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About Us

The Second World War Research Group was founded by Professor Andrew Stewart and Dr Jonathan Fennell in 2014. Initially, the group aimed to coordinate and encourage the activities of the numerous scholars at King’s College London who were conducting research on the Second World War. Building on a number of successful early events, and a merger with the Second World War Military Operations Research Group that was created by Dr Ross Mahoney, the Second World War Research Group has since evolved to become an international network of scholars focused on supporting the study of the Second World War. The Second World War Research Group aims to promote innovative research on the conflict and its global aspects and act as a forum for:


  • Bringing together new perspectives on the conflict;

  • Publicising recent and current research into the conflict and its global impact;

  • Encouraging collaboration in research across the scholarly community and across academic disciplines; and

  • Providing an organisational hub for conferences, seminars and other events relating to the conflict.


The Second World War Research Group is especially focused on building an inclusive and open community of scholars interested in the study of the Second World War. With this aim in mind, it strives:

  • To encourage scholars from all backgrounds, regardless of age, seniority, gender and race, to participate in its organisation, events and outputs;

  • To promote comparative research and seek a global rather than national perspectives on the Second World War;

  • To establish collaborations and partnerships with other learned or academic societies, research centres, universities, libraries and museums.

For details about our International Council, regional groups, constitution and how to become a member then follow the following links:

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