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International Council
About Us

The International Council, in consultation with the Advisory Board, sets the overall direction and strategy of the Second World War Research Group. It coordinates the work of the Regional Groups whose responsibility it is to hold events in each region/territory. You find out more about how role by reading our constitution here.

Council Members
Dr Jonathan Fennell


Jonathan is a Senior Lecturer at the Defence Studies Department, King's College London. His research takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the British and Commonwealth Armies in the Second World War. His publications include Combat and Morale in the North African Campaign (CUP, 2011)  and Fighting the People's War: The British and Commonwealth Armies and the Second World War (CUP, Jan. 2019). 

Dr Kathryn Barbier


Kathryn is an Associate Professor  at Mississippi State University. Her work primarily focuses on deception and intelligence history related to the Normandy campaign and beyond. She has published on the Normandy campaign deception plan and currently co-edits War in History. Her next book examines former Nazis accused of war crimes and investigated by a branch of the United States Department of Justice. Kathryn is also a Director of the North American Regional Group of the Second World War Research Group.

Dr Christina Goulter


Christina is a Senior Lecturer at the Defence Studies Department, King's College London. She has published extensively in the fields of air power and irregular warfare. Her latest book project deals with British intervention in the second round of the Greek Civil War, examining COIN operations and urban Close Air Support

Dr Richard Hammond


Richard is a Lecturer in War Studies at Brunel University. His research focuses on British relations with Fascist Italy, including Italian influences on British imperial defence prior to the war, and their grand strategy during it. He has also published extensively on operational history in the war, particularly relating to the Mediterranean theatre, and issues of inter-service rivalry.

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