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The Second World War Research Group, North America is an organisation that brings together those scholars across North America who are researching the broad period of the Second World War. The group aims to promote innovative research, serve to connect scholars, as well as provide a clearinghouse and central point of contact for research on the Second World War.

As part of its mission, the Second World War Research Group, North America will act as a regional forum for:

  • Bringing together new perspectives on the conflict;

  • Publicising recent and current research into the conflict and its global impact;

  • Encouraging collaboration in research across the scholarly community and academic disciplines;

  • Providing an organisational hub for conferences, seminars and other events relating to the conflict; and

  • Supporting members by serving as the first point of contact for key stakeholders and audiences interested in research and expertise on the Second World War.

Dr Kathryn Barbier


Kathryn is an Associate Professor  at Mississippi State University. Her work primarily focuses on deception and intelligence history related to the Normandy campaign and beyond. She has published on the Normandy campaign deception plan and currently co-edits War in History. Her next book examines former Nazis accused of war crimes and investigated by a branch of the United States Department of Justice.

Dr Jadwiga Biskupska


Jadwiga is an Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University. An historian of war and violence in modern central Europe, her research focuses on the way that war changes national identities and political possibilities in Germany and Poland in the 19th and 20th centuries. Her current book project is a study of the Warsaw intelligentsia under Nazi occupation during the Second World War.  

Dr Robert Engen


Robert teaches modern military history at the Royal Military College of Canada. He is the author of Canadians Under Fire: Infantry Effectiveness in the Second World War (2009) and Strangers in Arms: Combat Motivation in the Canadian Army (2016). His forthcoming book is The Global Triage: British Commonwealth Armies and the War Against Disease, 1939-1945.

Dr Jacob Stoil

Assistant Director

Jacob is an Assistant Professor  at the School of Advanced Military Studies, the US Army Command & General Staff College. His research focuses on indigenous force cooperation, the Second World War, and the Israeli military. .

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Second World War Research Group, North America, please email us at, giving your name, affiliation and research interests.

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