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The Holocaust

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Editorial Note: On 14-15 June 2018, the Second World War Research Group held its annual conference on the theme of ‘The Peoples’ War? The Second World War in Socio-Political Perspective.’ Over the coming weeks, we will be posting some recordings of various panels and short blog articles written by some of the conference’s presenters. In this post, we provide a recording of the panel on 'The Holocaust.'

Transport of Jewish Hungarians arriving at Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp, c.June 1944: deportees' property being unloaded from trucks and sorted by prisoners at the warehouses of "Canada I" near Auschwitz I. (Source: © IWM (HU 97046))

Professor David Edgerton of King’s College London chaired the panel, which consisted of the following presenters:

  • Dr Jadwiga Biskupska (Sam Houston State University), ‘The Warsaw Intelligentsia and the Illusion of the Grand Alliance’;

  • Dr Geoffrey Megargee (Centre for Advanced Holocaust Studies, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum), ‘A World Behind Wire: the Nazi Camp System’;

  • Anna Veronica Pobbe (University of Trento), ‘The role of the Jewish Commissions during the trials against Nazi criminals in post-war Poland (1944-48).’


Dr Jadwiga Biskupska is an Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University and a Director of the Second World War Research Group’s North American regional group. A historian of war and violence in modern central Europe, her research focuses on the way that war changes national identities and political possibilities in Germany and Poland in the 19th and 20th centuries. Her current book project is a study of the Warsaw intelligentsia under Nazi occupation during the Second World War.

Dr Geoffrey Megargee is the Senior Applied Research Scholar in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, where he is project director and editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945. Megargee is also the author of Inside Hitler's High Command (winner of the Society for Military History’s 2001 Distinguished Book Award) and War of Annihilation: Combat and Genocide on the Eastern Front, 1941, and he contributed a chapter to the new West Point History of Warfare.

Anna Veronica Pobbe is a PhD candidate at the University of Trento in Italy where she is researching the role of Hans Biebow in the Lodz Ghetto after 1941. She holds a BA and MA from the University of Rome ‘Sapienza, and in 2017 she was a Yad Vashem Fellow. In the summer of 2018, she was an EHRI-Fellow at the Bundesarchiv of Berlin and the ZIH of Warsaw.

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